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Whether you’re working for hours on end or just browsing the web, the SliderMouse from Contour Design is sure to make all kinds of tasks easier and more enjoyable than before.

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There are many options when it comes to computer equipment. Here, we'll guide you through everything from function to design, ultimately giving you the best chance of choosing the best mouse for you.

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New Contour Design driver

We are proud to present our new and improved Contour Design driver. The new driver is available two versions, one for Windows and one for macOS.

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Contour Unimouse

A perfect fit for all hands

Our Unimouse is an award-winning adjustable computer mouse created to provide variation and relief to sore wrists. The Unimouse comes in both left and right hand versions.

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Contour Premium Partners

Back Care Solutions are the UK's market-leading provider of ergonomic furniture and chairs, workstation equipment, DSE workstation assessments and advice.

Posturite is a market-leading workplace health, wellbeing and ergonomics company.

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