Get More Energy
with a RollerMouse

RollerMouse is designed for anyone who spends a large part of their workday in front of a computer.

  • Goodbye to mouse arm

    A centred mouse can relieve the pain of mouse arm and similar conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and trigger finger, which you can read more about here. RollerMouse has been developed in collaboration with ergonomics experts and enables you to work in the way that benefits your body best.

  • Reduce fatigue with a centred mouse

    RollerMouse can help you minimise pain and strain often caused by using a traditional computer mouse. Its centred placement enables an ergonomic working position and prevents over-stretching, strain and twisting in the body. It can be used whether you are a number-cruncher, a CAD creative or a video and image editor.

  • Ergonomisk stilling

    Award-winning design

    In 2013, RollerMouse Red won the “Red Dot Award” design prize for its sophisticated design, with its soft-brushed aluminium case and characteristic red detailing, and the design is still popular.

I’ve been using the RollerMouse Red Plus for a few months and it has done wonders for my right shoulder pain!



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Designed for professionals who spend much of their working day in front of a computer, Contour’s ergonomic mice can help you develop a more efficient workflow, in addition to taking away pain and strain often caused by traditional computer mice.

Choose between RollerMouse Red, Red Plus and Red Max.