Contour Design is a market leader in the research, development and design of ergonomic computer mouse solutions such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Contour Mouse. And this year we can celebrate the 25th anniversary.

Who is Contour Design?

Contour Design provides evolutionary products that allow people to work safely at their computers without the risk of physical pain or injury. We incorporate people’s differences, behavior, and habits into superior design. Ergonomics is not a single solution, but rather a combination of effective well-designed equipment, variation, flexibility, and good habits. Our products offer the highest degree of ergonomics and also inspire variation and improved habits.

Repetitive strain injuries, and other mouse related injuries can be avoided with the right equipment, awareness, and prevention. Contour Design’s products are developed not only to relieve pain, but also prevent it.

Product development

Contour Design, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Steve Wang. The company headquarters are located in Windham, New Hampshire in the United States, and are the seat of product development and everyday operations in North America.

Since the launch of our first ergonomic mice, we have been a market leader in the field. For example, RollerMouse Red, our award-winning ergonomic computer mouse, is the result of many years of targeted research, development and design. Over the years we have been able to shift the perception of the ergonomic mouse, from a device for the few to a device for everyone who wants to prevent injury as a result of working at a computer. It is therefore no longer solely a question of treating symptoms, but of a desire for greater energy and efficiency in the working day, that drives investment in ergonomic mice. For this reason, Contour Design develops a range of mouse solutions that accommodate most users’ needs for an ergonomically sound workstation.

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Contour Design Nordic sells and markets its products in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK, and has its head office in Ballerup, Denmark. Furthermore, Contour Design Nordic has partnerships with distributors and resellers of ergonomic office tools in other countries, including Germany, France, Holland, Austria and Switzerland.