Terms and Conditions

1. The 14-Day Trial is available on RollerMouse Pro, Slidermouse Pro, RollerMouse Red/Red plus, RollerMouse mobile, Unimouse and Balance Keyboard devices, subject to stock availability in some circumstances.

2. The 14-Day Trial is not available on Contour Multimedia Controller/Xpress or optional accessories advertised on the Contour Design website.

3. The 14-Day Trial is open to registered companies with verifiable Mainland UK or Northern Ireland postal addresses. Proof of name & address may be requested by Contour Design on application.

4. You agree for Contour Design to contact you via telephone to verify your application details and to check your product requirements.

5. Once verification is complete, you agree for Contour Design to share your application details with our designated Authorised Premium Partner, who will contact you to arrange delivery of goods. You agree to allow the Authorised Premium Partner to facilitate the 30-Day Trial on behalf of Contour Design.

6. Delivery will be free to your designated address, as verified by Contour Design.

7. At the start of the trial, the designated Authorised Premium Partner will present you with an invoice for full cost of the product, including taxes, which will be payable at the end of the trial should you decide to keep the product. No invoice payment is required if you decide to return the product at the end of the trial.

8. You have 14 days to try the product at your leisure. The trial will start once you have received the goods from the Authorised Premium Partner.

9. You will have access to free product technical support via support@contourdesign.com for the duration of the trial period.

10. You agree to retain all original packaging and contents, including instructions, leads and accessories.

11. At the end of the trial period you have two options:
(i) Pay the Authorised Distributor the full invoice amount for the product.
(ii) Contact the Authorised Premium Partner to arrange return of the product. (Failure to do this will assume that you have agreed to purchase the product, for which you will be asked by the Authorised Distributor to pay the invoice.)

12. If returning the product at the end of the trial period, Contour Design will provide you with a pre-paid postage label to enable you to return the item to the Authorised Premium Partner.

13. You agree to return the product, unmodified, fully packaged with all accessories in ‘as new’ condition if you decide not to purchase. The Authorised Premium Partner will apply charges, up to the full invoice amount, for incomplete or missing items, or a product that has received unreasonable handling during use.

14. You have the right to return the product to the Authorised Premium Partner at any point during the 14-Day trial, without commitment to purchase.

15. Contour Design reserves the right to decline 14-Day trial applications in certain circumstances, without explanation.

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