Benefits of a centred mouse

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While there are many disadvantages to using a traditional mouse, you will find the same number of benefits using a centred, ergonomically correct mouse. Possibly even more!

The most significant benefit of a centred mouse is that it helps you take good care of your body and avoid injuries and strains. However, there are several other key benefits that your body will thank you for.

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Encourages a good working position

As the name suggests, a centred mouse is centred in front of your torso – by your keyboard with a scroll bar. The mouse placement automatically puts your body in the correct working position. This is unlike a traditional mouse, which you constantly have to reach for, and which thereby causes you to twist and strain your forearm and wrist.

Prevents and reduces pain

When you work with a traditional mouse, you put a strain on several areas in your body: your forearm, wrist, hand, neck and shoulders. Simultaneously, working with a computer mouse is repetitive, which is the cause of a big part of the strains and injuries happening during office work.

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Physiotherapist Stuart Nottingham recommends the centred mouse as a tool to reduce pain and discomfort.


His recommendation is based on the fact that a centred mouse brings your movements into a good zone of work. You keep your arms close to your body, making it easier to maintain a good working position. At the same time, the hand is relaxed when using a centred mouse.

If you are already in pain, Stuart Nottingham recommends that you go to the doctor. However, he emphasises that most pains can be reduced by simply introducing reasonable, ergonomic solutions into your work.

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Help to reduce sick leave

Pain stemming from poor work ergonomics often causes sick leave as sedentary, monotonous work leads to tension and strain in the neck and shoulder area and the arm used to control the mouse. A centred mouse both prevents and relieves the strain injuries and pain that a traditional mouse often causes.

As such, you can reduce sickness absence significantly by using a centred mouse that helps you work with your body in more natural positions in the ergonomically sound zone.

Creates better employees

When pain-free, you can focus entirely on your work – without limitations. The same goes during leisure time, as pain caused at work does not just disappear when you are off the clock. On the contrary, the pain is there all the time - and pain drains our energy.

The centred mouse also relieves fatigue, as your entire working posture becomes more relaxed when you use it.

“Physical pain reduces the quality of life, and for some, it will affect their lives for longer periods”, says Jarle Marheim, an HSE consultant in Norway.

Encourages variation

A RollerMouse helps you create variation in your work as you can use both hands to control it – unlike a traditional mouse, which you manage with only one hand.

The mouse automatically adapts to the screen, so you can efficiently work on multiple screens. In addition, it has a range of pre-programmed buttons so that you can minimise the number of clicks – they put more strain on your body than you might think.