Get rid of pain and strains with a vertical mouse

Corporate woman with wrist pain at work


We have good news for you. With a vertical mouse, you can get rid of pain when working with a mouse.

Have you ever experienced pain when working with a traditional computer mouse? If you have, you are not alone. According to the Danish trade union HK Stat, two out of three office workers experience physical pain, such as neck or wrist pain when they are at work.

Did you know:  
"The most common disorders that occur with improper use of computer mice are tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and general muscle pain."
Source: Jarle Marheim, HSE consultant (health, safety, and environment)

Jarle Marheim, HSE consultant in Norway, puts into words the most common pains that occur at work, where much work is done using a computer mouse and keyboard:

  • "Pain in the forearm and wrist is quite common among those of us who work a lot with the keyboard and computer mouse. It can be what we popularly call tennis elbow or general muscle pain that occurs as a result of monotonous work where one sits in the same position for too long."
  • "It can be what we popularly call tennis elbow or general muscle pain that occurs as a result of monotonous work where one sits in the same position for too long. You can also get pain and discomfort in the shoulder and neck, as the wrong position in the hand/arm propagates upwards, so we often assume another wrong position."
  • "Physical pain reduces the quality of life, and for some, it becomes something that affects their lives for extended periods."
  • "Many of us have sedentary jobs in front of the computer and do not get enough change of position during the day. It settles in the body, and it can be difficult to rebuild and remove the ailments that arise as a result of this."

But you can do something to avoid pain in the body parts that are strained during the day, namely the hand, arm, and neck.

If you think this sounds appealing, just read on because a vertical mouse can remedy this.

How can a vertical mouse relieve pain and prevent injury?

Work positions are the alpha and omega for ergonomics and ensure you more energy after a long working day. Source: Jarle Marheim HSE consultant in Norway.

The three most essential functions that relieve pain and prevent injuries are:

  • The angle
  • Support for the thumb
  • Personalized settings

The angle is paramount

The smart thing about a vertical mouse is that you can adjust the inclination at any angle from 35 to 70 degrees and thus change position during the day. Therefore, the mouse is an excellent solution for relieving pain when working with precisely a mouse.

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Support for the thumb

The adjustable thumb rest can be adjusted in all directions, out/in, up/down, forward / backwards, tilt, and rotation. This feature, therefore, reduces grip pain and removes pressure on the root joint of the thumb, resulting in reduced strain injuries, and you can hold the mouse in a relaxed manner.

Adjust precisely to you and your needs

You can adjust the mouse buttons as needed, and thus you can get the working position in your hand that suits you perfectly. After the adjustment, you have a fully customized mouse that fits perfectly in your hand.

There are many benefits to using a vertical mouse, and you can read more about them here.