Case: TETRIX impresses with wellbeing at work

For several months Ninni was suffering of persistent pain in the arm, and only massage could give her short-term relief. After a month with RollerMouse, Ninni’s pain in the arm had disappeared completely.

Ninni Stenhäll
Sales Manager
TETRIX Finland Oy

Many hours in front of the screen

Ninni is Sales Manager at the large format print and trade fair stand specialist Tetrix Finland Oy. She spends four fifths of her working day at a terminal dealing with sales, invoicing and occasional image design work, and she also packages products and manages mailing.

coffee and laptop

“The pain completely disappeared and I no longer need a masseur for this problem.”

Recommendations from a local specialist

The reputation of TETRIX for high quality and reliability is matched by its comprehensive attention to employee wellbeing. A masseur visits the company every month and a physiotherapist also attends regularly. Ninni suffered continuous arm pain for several months, with massage sessions providing only passing relief. Eventually things got so bad that she could no longer hold on to heavier items. Following a study of work ergonomics, a local specialist recommended using a RollerMouse suitable for one or two-handed use as preferred.

Ninni began using the mouse immediately, and soon learned a new way of working. The quick copy and paste buttons were particularly pleasant to use, as Ninni needs these functions frequently when working the ordering and invoicing system.

man working remotely with an ergonomic mouse

The pain completely disappeared

Ninni’s arm pains were entirely gone after about a month of using RollerMouse. “The pain completely disappeared and I no longer need a masseur for this problem,” she reports. Ninni was also delighted to find a clear increase in her working efficiency. RollerMouse makes it easy to use multiple applications at the same time. “I can recommend RollerMouse to people doing any kind of work. My colleague just began using it, and is really impressed.”

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A more efficient way to work

The best way to tackle problems of work ergonomics is by consulting a physiotherapist for personal guidance suited to your specific working duties, posture and needs. Your physiotherapist will help you find ergonomic working tools and postures, and adopt active methods and varying positions for working.

RollerMouse enhances terminal work, making it more relaxed, precise and agreeable through better working posture. Preventative ergonomics can cut the costs of health care, reducing sick leave expenses that can easily run into several hundred euros per day for an employer.


TETRIX Finland

Based in Ostrobothnia, TETRIX Finland has unrivalled expertise in large format prints and trade fair stands. The company specialises in turnkey deliveries to trade fairs, and is the leading European supplier of complete exhibition stands. TETRIX introduced a six-hour working day on a trial basis at the end of last year, finding that the same work could be completed more efficiently in a reduced workday with greater leisure time.