Fight RSI with Unimouse

Lana Dolan is a lead assessor for Halifax based Vaughan Ergonomics (VergoUK) specialising in display screen equipment assessments for organisations across the UK. With a wealth of experience in this field Lana is an expert in recommending furniture, keyboards, computer mice and related equipment to people who are suffering from RSI or are at risk of developing complex medical conditions because of the way that they are working in an office environment.

Lana Dolan
Lead Assessor

A firm favourite

“We provide workers advice on the best products, from an extensive range of furniture and ergonomic products. People spend longer periods of time working on computers and this has long-term RSI health risks which we try to eliminate”, says Lana Dolan.

The work that Lana carries out is varied, and so are the clients that she meets on a daily basis. Finding a perfect mousing solution for a client can be difficult, but Unimouse makes things easier because it suits so many people. “Unimouse is just one of many ergonomic mice that we stock, but it has quickly become a firm favourite because it offers a level of adaptability that is unmatched by anything else on the market. It’s designed to fit the client, rather than the client having to adapt to it. This is key to reducing the risks of RSI”, Lana continues.

Woman tries to relieve pain in her hands from repetitive strain injuries

Vertical Adjustment and thumb support

Unimouse offers vertical adjustment between angles of 35 to 70 degrees, providing a healthier position designed to remove pressure from the wrist. It also has a thumb support that can be moved to suit a wide variety of hand sizes.

“The thing I like most about Unimouse is its adjustability. It’s difficult to estimate where pain may present itself particularly for those suffering from complex RSI, but Unimouse’s vertical adjustment and moveable thumb support offer a solution that physically suits many people”.

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Unimouse is a fully adjustable vertical computer mouse - you choose the angle you prefer to work with

”It’s designed to fit the client, rather than the client having to adapt to it. This is key to reducing the risks of RSI."

Take My Advice

It’s always encouraging when an expert takes their own advice, and Lana uses Unimouse herself, but not to cure an RSI issue.

“I’ve taken to using Unimouse myself when working at my computer, not because I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, but because I recognise its benefits from a preventative perspective. Unimouse offers a healthy arm posture, it’s comfortable and its adjustability means that I can vary my posture as well. If it’s good for my clients, then it’s also good for me. I recommend the Unimouse every week as part of my role, as do my team”.

Lana Dolan, Lead Assessor