Amit Ghelani is an approved Adobe Software training professional and the owner of London based Ghelani Studios, a photographic company specialising in wide range of event photography and corporate conference shoots. Ghelani Studios excels in Indian wedding photography, offering a service which allows for wedding guests to have professional pictures taken during a wedding reception in a mobile studio environment.

Amit Ghelani
Professional Photographer
Ghelani Studios

Take control of your workflow

“Indian weddings are colourful and beautiful, and guests often wear the most amazing traditional outfits. They like to be able to take home memories of their day and this is where we come in. It’s a great way of working, with enthusiastic customers who are happy to perform in front of the camera, but because we edit and print photos onsite while the customer waits, the most critical part of the process is an efficient workflow during this part of their experience.”

Editing with Adobe Lightroom

Amit and his team use Adobe Lightroom to batch edit and print the photos that customers wish to buy. It’s a powerful software that allows for a simplified but powerful user interface.

“Even with great software, working on photos while the customer watches is a stressful business. There are many keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom, and often lots of repetitive actions that need to be performed, and we look for tools which make this process as straightforward as possible. We also need to make sure we reduce our margin of error so as not to keep customers waiting.”

Editing with conotur multimedia controller

Deceptively powerful – Easy to program

About eight years ago Amit discovered Multimedia Controller PRO v2 and he quickly ditched the silicon keyboard overlay that he had been relying on to remind him of functions in Lightroom.

“Contour Multimedia Controller was a revelation. The fact that it easily allowed me to map my favourite Lightroom functions to each button was helpful enough, but some of our processes are heavily automated, and it allowed me to create macros, effectively reducing multiple key presses on the keyboard to a single press on the Multimedia Controller. It was such a time-saver.”

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functions of contour multimedia media controller

" The fact that it easily allowed me to map my favourite Lightroom functions to each button was helpful enough, but some of our processes are heavily automated, and it also allowed me to create macros. "

Now I can focus on customer service

With a well-rehearsed editing process, Amit makes using Lightroom a breeze, but Multimedia Controller PROv2 also allows him to focus on customer service in a way he hadn’t anticipated.

“During the consultation process, where customers choose the photos they want to buy, I use the Multimedia Controller  unconventionally and hold it like a remote control. I know which buttons to press. I know how to manipulate and present groups of images on the screen instinctively and this allows me to talk to the customer in a more personal way as a result. Not only am I in control of the editing, but I’m looking after the customer too, rather than being distracted by what’s on the computer screen.”

man with headset

Why choose Multimedia Controller PRO v2?

Multimedia Controller PRO is an easy device to program, working with any software on PC or Mac, which also makes it deceptively powerful. The ability to set up multiple profiles within the same software means that it’s easily adaptable to a variety of working environments. Apart from speedier workflow, Amit’s favourite feature is rather more straightforward, however.

“What else do I like? It works, every time I need it. It uses a traditional USB connection and is robust in design. When you need reliability, the Contour Multimedia Controller is perfect.”

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