The home workplace

Fortunately, we are used to some quality assurance of the ergonomics in the office. Unfortunately, it is far from all of us who take it with us if we work from home or frequently change work locations. But there are actually as many rules and restrictions for the mobile workplace as for the one in the office – that is, if you change your work location at least one day a week. If you work from the sofa or at the kitchen table with your laptop, do yourself a favour and look at your equipment. You risk ending up with a very dissatisfied body if you use your laptop all day without a separate mouse and keyboard, or if you sit with your neck bent and look down at your laptop all day. (PG Note This needs re-writing, I don’t understand what we’re trying to say)

Ergonomic computer accessories for the home office

Increasingly more people are working from home, and also more often and for longer than before. Therefore, it has become even more important that you have an ergonomically correct home office. Poor working positions damage over time. For example, it has been proven that more than 20-25 hours of computer or mouse work per week increases the risk of getting pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. (PG Note: This is convoluted and unclear)

To get the most out of working from home, your home office needs to be ergonomically designed. This means that furniture and equipment must suit your needs and be able to allow for 7-8 hours of computer work each day whilst avoiding awkward postures. The Contour Design Home Office Kit, provides good ergonmics to enable you to work more comfortably.

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optimize your home office with a laptop stand and feel the difference

Improve your home office ergonomics with a Home Office Kit consisting of

– Contour RollerMouse Red plus wireless or Unimouse
– so you can work ergonomically in a relaxed and natural position that suits your individual needs

Contour Laptop Riser– so that your laptop can be adapted to your needs and your natural and ergonomic posture/working posture

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contour design home office set up laptop stand with ergonomic mouse rollermouse red and keyboard