The permanent workstation

At Contour Design, we develop products to suit you and the way you work, rather than expect you to adapt to us. That’s why we design our ergonomic products to be adjustable, so they fit your needs and preferences. All our ergonomic solutions are highly adaptable, providing you with the support and comfort you need, so whether you work best with a one-handed mouse or a centred mouse, you can enjoy an impressive ergonomic experience.

Who can benefit from our ergonomic solutions?

Our products are designed for everyone who wants to optimise their workstation by using healthier alternatives to traditional products. Whether you are doing general office work using Word and Excel, or you use Adobe Creative Cloud or CAD applications, our ergonomic solutions will greatly improve your comfort at the computer.

Do you work remotely without a permanent workstation? Check out our mobile solution here.

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One-handed mouse solution

When you talk about Unimouse, you’re talking about variation. Unimouse is our award-winning computer mouse. Its adjustable design makes it easy for you to adapt its angle of tilt and thumb support to suit you whenever you need. This alleviates gripping pain and pressure on the base of the thumb, reducing strain injuries. Unimouse has six programmable buttons and a comfortable scroll wheel, giving your creativity free rein. Unimouse is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.

The Balance Keyboard and Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest reduce the strain on your wrists, hands and fingers and ensure that you maintain a good posture, with your arms correctly placed in front of your body. The keyboard has been ergonomically designed with adjustable tilt so you can choose the angle that suits you best: negative, neutral and positive. Despite its compact design, the Balance Keyboard offers full-size keyboard functionality with shortcut and media keys and a numeric keypad. The wrist rest has been specially designed for the Balance Keyboard, and is ideal for users who prefer a one-handed mouse.

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Centred mouse solution

The ultimate ergonomic workstation

RollerMouse Red is designed for users who spend most of their workday in front of one or more screens. The centred mouse is positioned directly in front of the keyboard. You can keep your hands in front of your body at all times, working with small, light movements, protecting your neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists from repetitive strain injuries. A centred mouse allows you to easily alternate between both hands and enables you to work with greater precision. Customise your RollerMouse Red to suit your needs: you can reprogram the buttons, select click sounds and cursor speed, and choose from several different wrist and arm rests.

Our Balance Keyboard is the perfect companion to this solution too. This ergonomic keyboard has adjustable legs and a tilt function that can be set in three different positions: negative, neutral and positive. Set the keyboard to a negative angle to achieve an ideal typing angle where you can relax your fingers. Despite its compact format, the Balance Keyboard offers full-size keyboard functionality with shortcut and media keys and a numeric keypad. Combined with RollerMouse Red, you can enjoy an ergonomic and comfortable workstation that also improves your posture.

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Ergonomic solution for your second screen

If you work on a laptop all day long, it’s best to raise your screen to eye level, so that you don’t look down for long periods of time. The Contour Design Laptop Riser is the solution you need to help achieve this. Pain in your back, neck and shoulders are classic symptoms that can occur from looking down at a screen which is too low for the user. The Contour Design Laptop Riser allows you to raise your screen height to eye level, and prevents awkward postures whch can become painful.

The Contour Design Laptop Riser is foldable, meaning that you can take it wherever you work, whether in the office, remotely or even at home. Its compact design means that it’s suitable for large and small desks, and it’s foldable and robust enough to fit into any computer bag. The Contour Design Laptop Riser will help ensure a natural posture whist working, ad is a great workspace accessory that will help prevent neck, back and shoulder pain.

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