• Balance Keyboard (US layout)


Balance Keyboard (US layout)

The Balance Keyboard has been developed for you and the way you work, and thus ensures a good working position with your arms correctly placed in front of your body. Despite its compact design, the keyboard has the functionality of a full-size keyboard with shortcut and media keys, as well as a numeric keypad. Furthermore, the keyboard is ergonomically designed with adjustable tilt, so you can choose the inclination that fits you best.
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Designed specifically for use with our award winning RollerMouse family, you’ll be in an improved, stress-free position while getting the most out of your keyboard and mouse. Your hands stay closer to the action and within reach of both the rollerbar and keyboard keys. Balance Keyboard’s adjustable legs and tilt options allow for easy adjustability into negative, neutral, and positive typing angles.

Ergonomic working position

With Balance Keyboard you can be sure of an ergonomic solution. The adjustable legs and tilt functions make it easy to set the keyboard in three positions: negative, neutral and positive. When you set the keyboard to negative tilt, your hands automatically angle to the optimum position to type in. This allows you to relax your fingers more as you type.

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0,58 kg

Number of buttons:

12 programmable media buttons (Only MAC)

OS support:

OSX & Windows


Only for MAC OS X – Available on Driver-page

Battery life:

12 months in normal use


2 x AAA-batteries


Windows 10 and 11 2.3.3037n

Windows 7 and 8 2.3.3035o

macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey 4.0b414

macOS 10.11 to 10.15 3.5.1


Balance Keyboard Wireless Download