Get full control of precision work with a vertical mouse

Graphic designer sitting in front of two monitors working


Performing detailed work using a computer mouse can be tricky, and performing precise actions can often be quite challenging.

There are many benefits to replacing the traditional mouse with a vertical one - like the Unimouse. One of these is that you can achieve greater precision in your work.

Benefits of achieving greater precision in your work:

  • You become more efficient
  • You deliver higher quality work
  • You get better at your job

Maximum control with a vertical mouse

The advanced sensor in the Unimouse ensures trouble-free performance on any surface, and with as many as ten different cursor speeds, you can work at the pace that suits you.

By becoming more precise in your work, you will automatically save time. We all know it too well, clicking the wrong thing with the mouse, wasting time redoing the work.

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Especially for tasks where you have to concentrate and focus to click the right things, it can be a relief to work with a more accurate mouse, which is easier to control, as it sits ergonomically better in hand.

One thing is that the mouse is more accurate, but your working position is also better. Ultimately, this means less strain on your body and a more solid foundation for doing good work. The fact that you do not sit and tense your hand, arm, and neck means that you will automatically work more precisely while being more relaxed.  

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The sedentary precision work often gives rise to the tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). Therefore, it will be of particular benefit to you, who do a lot of precision work with a mouse, to use an ergonomic mouse daily.

A mouse is not just a mouse

The right mouse makes you sit correctly and perform your work with greater precision. It is probably not something most people think about on a daily basis when they are sitting at the computer. However, the right mouse can optimize both your health and your work performance.

In addition to performing precision work to a greater extent, a vertical mouse has several other advantages for you who sit in front of the computer daily.

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