You've replaced your 80's phone, haven't you?

You've replaced your 80's phone, haven't you?


For decades, there has been a steep development in interior design and office equipment in the office. Imagine still using the same phone you did in the '80s. It seems pretty farfetched, right?

When we talk about phones from the 80s, we laugh at the giant blocks we carried around. Fortunately, the clumsy phones have been replaced with small smartphones that fit in (most of) our pockets and nicely in our hands.

We have come this far because technology is evolving at a rapid pace. 

Did you know: 
That the first portable mobile phone weighed 11.5 kg
Source: Post & Tele Museum Denmark

Development of the computer mouse

If we compare the development of the telephone with the story of the computer mouse, we find that it should be similarly unthinkable to use a computer mouse from the '80s.

The funny thing about the computer mouse is that some people still use the same old thing we worked with during the '80s, which does not seem appropriate today.

As with everything else, there has been a development in modern ergonomic mice. Over time, office workers have suffered injuries and strains to the arms and wrists. You might know these injuries as mouse arm or tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), and they come from holding the hand at a bent angle and clenching the mouse. The innovations within computer mice are just as relevant as the development within phones. While not as flashy, they do prevent these straining injuries.

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The classic mouse

Spending countless hours in front of the computer using a classic mouse can cause pain and prolonged damage. Once the injury has occurred, it should be treated with proper help from your doctor or physiotherapist. Once the luck runs out, it can be a lengthy process to get over.

Did you know: 
"The vast majority of work injuries are due to the very basic conditions around the monitor, mouse, and keyboard."
Source: Danish Social Workers' Association

Since there are modern ergonomic mice, it makes a tonne of sense to replace old faithful and do something great for your physical health.

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The modern mouse  

It pays off to invest in a modern mouse, as you can thereby prevent damage that might otherwise come with time when using a classic mouse.

Our Unimouse has adjustable features that help you adjust the mouse to fit your hand and needs ideally. With a single download, you get the option to set the six buttons on the mouse so that the functions suit your way of working.

Also, the adjustable thumb support allows you to relax when trapping the mouse, which reduces grip pain and pressure on the root joint of the thumb. As such, it reduces the risk of strain injuries. This is just a small selection of the many benefits you get from using a modern mouse.

Unimouse can be adjusted and tilted exactly to your needs, one of the most customizable computer mice on the market

The list of a modern mice is longer than you might think. Get much wiser on the benefits here.