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How do you choose the perfect mouse?

There are many options when it comes to computer equipment. Here, we'll guide you through everything from function to design, ultimately giving you the best chance of choosing the best mouse for you.

There's no getting around the fact that the future is digital - and that inevitably means more time in front of the screen. The equipment most people work with today was developed back in the 1980s - at the dawn of computing. But not much has changed in the design of either mouse or keyboard since then.

At Contour, we're committed to giving every computer user the chance to find their perfect mouse. So how do you do that?

Step 1: The question of pain

The first thing to consider is whether you already have or are at risk of pain. Spending long hours in front of a computer can cause unwanted muscle and joint discomfort. Even if you haven't experienced pain from computer work yet, chances are that computer users will experience problems with either headaches or muscle and joint pain at some point.

With an ergonomic mouse, you will be better equipped for a long working life at the computer. The most important thing is to find the mouse that suits your needs and your body.

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Step 2: Traditional or modern?

If you already suffer from pain from working with a traditional one-handed mouse, we recommend trying a centred mouse.

A centred mouse reduces asymmetrical work, as both hands rest directly in front of your body all day - and you get to use both hands!

If a centred mouse is a little too unconventional, an adjustable vertical mouse would be a good alternative. Our vertical mouse, the Unimouse, is the most adjustable mouse on the market, allowing you to angle the mouse to suit your needs throughout the day.

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Whether you're going for a traditional or modern solution, our main rule of thumb is just one simple word: "variation".

Step 3: Workspace interior

All workstations look different. Some work mostly from a stationary desktop computer in the office, others work hybridly between office and home - and some work on-the-go. It's essential to consider how your workspace is set up when choosing a mouse, as some mice are better suited than others for e.g. the mobile workplace.

For stationary workstations, such as the fixed space in the office, you typically have more room than if you work on-the-go. Therefore, we would recommend a centred mouse, which typically takes up the same width as your keyboard. To put it short, a centred mouse provides optimised ergonomic value for money.

If you're often on the move, we'd recommend a lightweight, smaller mouse over a heavier, more stationary mouse. For example, a compact centred mouse or a vertical, one-handed mouse.

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Step 4: Materials and specifications

Different functions have different requirements for both material and specifications.

Maybe you work in a place where wireless products are not approved by IT - or maybe you need to clean and disinfect your equipment more frequently because you're sharing equipment with your coworkers. Factors like these can be important to keep in mind when choosing your new mouse.

All Contour Design mice can be disinfected and cleaned as needed. Even our fabric wrist rests are easy to maintain as they are made of recycled plastic, which is also extremely durable.

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Still not sure what to choose?

Ergonomics are not reserved just for the health idealists; those who take all the right vitamins and who have worn orthopaedic shoes since before it was cool. On the contrary.

Ergonomics is for everyone - and that's the whole idea behind our products. It's a way for you, the user or the employer, to make work frictionless.

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